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Parenting Is Hard

Hi friends, I wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you nor how important it is to make sure I post weekly for you!

Last week was CR-A-ZY! I had the fortune of making a photobooth for our church’s Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son dances that happened over the weekend. I practically lived at the church throughout the week.

Friday was full of birthday parties and packaging the valentines Norah made to hand out at school.

Our weekend was full of coordinating drop offs and other events like teaching 40 women to paint! (we’re down to one car now).

Oh and then, Jax got super sick Saturday night, so yesterday was full of managing his illness. Not sure what today will bring, but I know both of my kiddos will be home.

Adulting with small children is hard, and full of unexpected events. Especially when you're a creative mama. lol

My assignment for you is to continue practicing your color mixing. Make another set of wheels or continue playing and seeing what colors come up. You can also continue with the wet on to wet method and play with textures by adding some water drops.

I will get a post up this week! Hopefully nothing too extreme will pop up within the Burrier household. Lol

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