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A New Path

Upon weeks for prayer and thought, I have decided to open the blog up to the public and let this project go. I want to say up front how much I have GREATLY appreciated those of you who have walked this wee journey with me. It was an experiment that I felt deeply about yet again, it's not aligning with my path...which has been changing this year.

What's Ahead

I have recently signed up to be a paid volunteer at my church, Hope+Elim, as the creative arts leader for our community. Our church is moving and changing lives, and with my spiritual gift of teaching, I can't deny my call to be fully present and involved there. To do so I must spend more of my time in the Word and available to other ministries.

Also we are on the cusp of summer break. I have both of my children full time starting next week. If you have children then you know that summer is full of activities, playdates, and a ton of water and mud in the house. lol

On top of the kiddos my husband and I are very passionate about our gardens and our contribution to the ecosystem. Since COVID we have donated 75% of our yard (front and back) to gardens. Mostly vegetables and flowers (fairy garden). I'm a visual advocate for the pollinators and wildlife.

It's super challenging to let go of the work I've wanted to provide and do for the last 20 years. Yet, as I grow older (and hopefully a tiny bit wiser), I can't ignore my responsibility as a human who can do something about climate change and how communities love one another. I must do my part. This requires of me to continue creating art that speaks and educates, but not for money or fame. It's to be for the betterment of life. Maybe turning 40 really did do a 180 on me?

This isn't a new struggle for me, and piece by piece I've been reducing the business side and increasing the serving one. I always joke that my life lives by the wind. One day it's this, the next it is that, but the mission is always the same. To share information about what we can do to care, love, and grow together as people and with the earth.

I will still be on Instagram and on Patreon. If I have the space and time I will continue to post on my blog! Again, thank you so much for joining me on this. You ladies who have supported it are amazing and I truly hope it has helped some where.


I am not going to leave you without some resources tho!

Here are the artists who truly and deeply changed how I paint, some links to artists who teach watercolor VERY well, and I hope they help you as much as they helped me. :)

The artists who have made a huge impact on how I paint and explore

My Go To for color theory, tutorials, and techniques

Negative Painting (youtube - careful, it's a rabbit hole!)

I am always here to answer questions regarding drawing and watercolor. Never hesitate to connect with me and engage. :)



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