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When Creative Block Hits

The events in Ukraine have paused me. I find myself angry, sorrowful, and in a frozen fog. All while I watch my 5 and 8 year olds play, laugh, and explore. While my husband and I, under the stress of parenting, try to find the blessings in the chaos.

As an empath, highly sensitive (sounds, lights, etc), depressive, and an all has created a haze over my thought processes. While trying to write, record, and assemble this week's post I am forgetting what I know. I keep getting stumped, having to redo everything over and over again. After two days it has become extremely frustrating.

There are different triggers, in my opinion, of creative blocks.

  • Outside influences

  • Internal thoughts

  • Unexpected events

  • Illness

  • Diet

Of these, this week it has been outside influences, unexpected events, and illness. Unfortunately I believe we have all gone through this, creative or not, several times in the last two years.

I want to say I will have the post ready by tomorrow, but I know my reality. After two days of making little progress out of the hours I have put in, I believe I am fighting a wall. I will continue throughout the weekend to make progress towards finishing the skin tones post. It was my goal when starting this blog to have something up every week. I will continue to aim for that goal. Yet in reality, there will be many times I'll get 2-3 posts done a month.

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this and also how this blog is helping you learn. Or is it presenting more questions that need answers? Let's dialogue and discuss as a 'classroom' here on this post. We are a community and my voice doesn't need to be the only one. :)

I'll save you the color wheels, diagrams, and notes made this week that aren't useful in achieving skin tones. But I have practiced, trying to get that fog to lift. I am still very excited to share this with you because I always learn more too! May this small snippet excite you too.

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