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How to Fill Up Your Watercolor Palette

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Artist Sara Burrier filling watercolor palettes

Now that you have all of your supplies listed in this post, and even though I gave you some instruction on filling your watercolor palette...I want to show you through video and demonstrate what I meant.

Watch this video first

  • How to fill the pan from a tube of paint.

  • Learn what a difference it is to take paint from fresh and from dried.

  • Discover how to fill a BIG brush when you have tiny pans.

Get your supplies out and set up your workspace, Let's PAINT!

  • How to pull paint from your palette.

  • My water vs. paint method and how to remember it!

  • Mixing paint and using water to add texture.

  • Wet onto wet technique.

Never stop playing

Although it can seem overwhelming when you start, keep in mind that every stroke you make is a step towards understanding watercolor. You WILL get there! So breathe, relax, and enjoy the process of discovering what the paint can do.

Some YouTube links to start you down the rabbit hole.

  • Jean Haines on YouTube - This is truly one of the best watercolor teachers, and she is soooo soothing to listen to! I have several of her books and can watch her paint for hours.

  • Sterling Edwards on YouTube - I had the privilege of watching and learning from him years ago through the Iowa Watercolor Society. His approach is freeing and magical!

  • Janet Rogers on YouTube - This wonderful woman I got to personally meet, talk to, and just adored! She's spunky and down to earth about our relationship as artist with the element of watercolor. I was so enamored by her technique that I purchased her portrait dvd!

A few of my favorite books.

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